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My name is Langiwe Mwale and I am a Computer Scientist. My love for technology and science brought me to pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of the Witswatersrand. I personally believe (more often than not) that the best solution to a problem is the most logical one and because the Computer Science degree requires a lot of logic I feel it is the perfect breeding ground to practice my logical thinking and push it beyond its limits!

I have a deep love for gaming. I'd say it is a majority of the reason I chose to pursue this field. I enjoy First-Person shooters such as Call of Duty.

I also enjoy finding out what makes the things around us work, why they are built a certain way and how technology can help us push the boundaries of human capabilities.

Name : Langiwe William Mwale
Email : langiwemwale@gmail.com
Phone : +27 81 385 7272
Skype : live:langiwemwale
Interest : Gaming, Astronomy, eSports, Science
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What I can bring to table

Google Hashcode

Participated in Google Hashcode programming competition that involves being given a problem created by Google Engineers. This Competition is based solving the problem with the most optimum solution.

Web Development

I have basic understanding and knowledge of HTML5 , CSS and Javascript which is ever expanding and evolving.

Public Speaking

Recieved multiple Awards For Public Speaking and I enjoy having an opportunity to express my views in front of a large audience.


I have recently gotten into CyberSecurity and have found that it will definatly be one of my long term hobbies and will hopefully bear fruit in the neat future. I look forward to competing in competitions that test my abilty and push my boundries.

Mobile App

I have made a mobile android application for users to track orders they've made and for staff to create orders for these users. It has database integration as well as secure password protection using salting and hashing for the users. I created the application with my partner ,Sipho Sikakane as part of our Mobile Computing and Database Fundamentals project in our Degree. You can watch the Demo Video HERE or watch the video explaining the Java and PHP code behind it HERE
Head over to the Portfolio tab to download the apk file!

Quantum Computing with Qiskit

I have participated in the Qiskit Global Online Summer school hosted by IBM Quantum. This summer school aimed to introduce beginners to the world of Quantum Computing through the Qiskit Platform. I recieved a certificate for completion of all the practical lab material provided

Experiences & Awards

Accolades & Prizes

  • 2017

    Academic Top 10

    Part of the academic top 10 in my highschool for 2 years straight.

  • 2018

    English Literature Prize: 3rd Place

    This award is given to the best essay in the entire school and I achieved the 3rd Position.

  • 2020

    International Golden Key Member

    I joined the International Honour Society Golden Key for being in the Top 15% of my faculty at my University.

  • 2020

    Absa Bursary Award

    I was awarded a bursary from Absa Bank for excelling in my first year of study.


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